RPO-Recruiting process outsourced

Companies outsource their entire recruiting process to Transition Team.

We integrate directly with your organization by stepping in and collaborating with hiring managers and the HR department team as if we are one team. All recruiting and branding efforts are done on behalf of the company directly.

Our RPO solution can be a short-term solution for clients who want to slowly build an in-house talent acquisition team. Transition Team can provide contract resources that can be evaluated for permanent openings as you build and grow your team.  Or you may choose a long-term permanent solution for organizations that prefer to focus on their core competencies, rather than recruiting efforts.

This solution can jump start a company’s hiring results in a very short amount of time. Most often within 60 days you and you can be up and running on the staffing fast track.

Companies can choose to maintain this solution for long periods of time or shorter time frames to provide you an opportunity to assemble your permanent internal team.