Consulting Services

This solution allows us to provide your company with assistances in the staffing/HR arena as needed.

These are just a few of the most common areas that company’s turn to Transition Team for solutions. These consulting services can be customized on a project basis or for a period/length of time.

  • Assessment of your hiring process and identify changes to enhance optimization.
  • Evaluate your company’s candidate experience by identifying how you are viewed in the marketplace. This can increase hiring along with improving your branding and marketing efforts in tandem. This can be a very profitable analysis for companies to unfold in this tight candidate market. How your company is perceived in the marketplace can be a game changer in caliber of candidates that you attract.
  • Identify why you have increased turn over and how to improve retention.
  • Create internal referral/recruiting programs for your company that turn your current employees into recruiters for you.