About Us

Transition Team’s philosophy is simple – it is all about our results through the implementation of talent acquisition solutions to meet the demands of your organization. Streamlining your current process along with managing image branding through multiple social medias will enhancing your organization’s candidate experience and your hiring results. All combined will ultimately drive the success of your overall recruiting program.

Our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge, tools and team to steer your company to the staffing fast track. This is where you can execute proactive recruiting instead of reactive recruiting. This is where you enjoy positive results in a very tight candidate market. This is where your staffing engine is seamless and smooth with a proven repeatable process. This is where you can take a deep breath and let us do what we do best… allowing you to focus on what you do best!

Obtaining the best talent in a candidate driven market, with unemployment at historically low levels of approximately 2-3% requires three critical stages:

It has been our experience that most organizations either don’t have a formal recruiting strategy or fail to emphasize the importance of its recruiting strategy. Transition Team believes that the success of your hiring strategy is directly linked to your future revenue and profitability.

Staffing and Talent Acquisition looks very different today than in prior markets. In our every changing world of technology, social media and branding the candidate experience has been highlighted as the game changer.

What do your new hires have to say about their experience throughout the hiring process with your company? Was it a positive experience? Was it completed in a timely manner? Many of our clients are very surprised by answers they receive when they ask new hires these questions.

For my entire staffing career, I have partnered with companies that were always striving to improve their talent acquisition results. These companies ended up paying enormous recruiting fees simply because they didn't understand the significant differences between staffing firm recruiting and talent acquisition hiring.

Transition Team's mission is to educate our clients and give them the tools and knowledge to compete and hire the best talent in their fields. We want to empower companies to be their own recruiting firm by providing them with a proactive recruiting strategy and tools to target and attract the best employees.

Tammy PeilFounder/CEO